Social Responsibility

As a company, we are aware of the positive impact that we must have on the community where we are operating, therefore, we also seek to develop and strengthen their skills”

Gregor Brenner

General Manager

Women's empowerment

At Suritex, we encourage gender equality and the Peruvian women’s empowerment.

Currently, about 80% of all our staff are women, in addition, we seek new ways that lead to improve their living conditions, their leadership, their participation in society and all the socio-economic benefits that this implies.

Good Health and Well-being

We know how important good health is for people and especially for our employees and their families.

That is why we offer free feeding programs as well as recreational activities within our facilities. Guaranteeing the integral well-being of the community is one of our greatest commitments as a company.

Employment and Labor development

Despite the socio-economic and political reality that constantly shakes our country, we have always looked after our collaborators in every aspect.

We offer permanent and stable employment, flexible working-hours, productivity payments, overtime payments, training and other benefits that provide the opportunity for growth and employment development.