We are a family business company from Lima, Peru, which are involved in the traditional textile artsy and production including the alpaca fibers, natural silk, Merino wool, among and others to conceive accessories which stand out due to their comfort, versatility, design and colorfulness.

We started our business in our home garage with one second-hand machine and a big dream. We were growing up every day and after twenty years, we count with our central office and showroom in Lima and an amazing workshop in Concepcion, Junín.

Our workshop is considered as creative lab where handmade workers and the technical textile experience, have been exploring the perfect interaction between colors and texture.

Suritex is a brand recognized for his high-quality textile works and the excellent business contact provided of a professional team.


Provide to our customers, the best textile garments in high quality, using natural fibers and sustainable trims, care the development to our rural communities located in high andean villages.