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Our commitment towards our clients goes beyond a mere selling, we want to establish a close relationship based on trust which lead us to foresee their shopping styles and meet their expectations.

Our expertise in exportations terms let us guide our clients and guarantee all goods reach their destination on time. So far, we have exported to 8 countries and have delivered to 6 Peruvian cities.

Gregor Brenner Knoch

General Manager/ Textil Engineer

We can talk about technical and operational topics as I’ve dedicated my whole life to the textile sector.
Spanish | English | German.

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Raquel Iriarte de Brenner

Sales Manager

Selling is what I like doing and I take part in the decisions about designs. I’d be more than happy to guide you in your shopping experience.
Spanishl | English | German.

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Lourdes Vera Olivera

General Merchandise Manager

I am in charge of the good operation of the Commercial Area. I execute and supervise strategies so that the whole team can carry out any selling without any inconvenience. I am responsible for client’s portfolio for the national and international markets.

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Vanessa Brenner de Lion

Administration & Finance Manager

I am in charge of the development and sustainability of the business controlling any kind of operations or taking good decisions.


Diana Chávez Dávila

Marketing & Corporate Image

I am in charge of implementing the strategies require to reach the target sets. I am also in charge of creating and transmitting the core of the brand and the company.


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